Creativity Native was founded by Liz Lemesevski to help people, small businesses and non-profits grow by telling their stories well to attract investors, donors, employees and volunteers. By sharing our stories we engage and connect with each other and ultimately create a better San Diego. Everyone can participate in the regions success.

The Creativity Native process was developed from observing and analyzing how successful people and organizations tell stories that help connect and engage others and seeing a real need for new people and new ideas to come forth.

Founder Liz Lemesevski, spent over twenty years as a professional investment analyst and portfolio manager for high net worth individuals and pension funds. She understands not only financial statements and investments but what makes can make people and businesses succeed or fail. In the end humans created money and it’s a mix of science and human emotion. Liz has her MBA in Finance from Fordham University and her BS in Finance and French from Rutgers University.