5 Strategies to “Just Write.”

He wobbled on his uni-cycleRule #5 – Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar or syntax. 

In fact, don’t worry about anything. Just write.

I often hear “I have a lot of resistance around writing.”  You hate when Word shows you every misspelled word, you think about how you got a C in high school grammar and you’re afraid that if you don’t know what syntax is you’ll never write something truly great. Yet, you still want to write. Good news! You’ve got your why. Now you need your how. Here are 5 strategies I learned at a writing conference and I embellished them just for you.

5 Strategies to “Just Write.”

  1. Surprise and delight yourself. School’s out, it’s summertime, you’re allowed to play with words and the images they evoke. If you must give yourself a grade, make it an A.
  2. Start in the middle. There you are somewhere near the parade. What do you see, hear, feel and smell? Write down the details and later figure out where the story starts.
  3. Secrets are not unique. Yeah, it can be a bummer to know you’re not unique. Your secret, is also someone else’s secret. If you tell your story you have a chance to connect with someone else. I don’t know if you’ll help them but I know it’s likely they won’t feel alone anymore.
  4. Get off your high horse. Get down in the muck with the words and your humanity. You’ll write into the unknown and discover things like empty suitcases and elevators that act as bellows and the birth of a great hero. Get as close as you can to your unbridled joy or the grief that makes you cry.
  5. Write badly. Spend time writing the opening to the most god-awful romance novel you never would read. Then share it with others!

And you can join us for Write REAL Early. We meet every Wednesday at 7 a.m.

Hera Hub in Mission Valley – 8885 Rio San Diego Drive 92108

Come and write then read what you’ve written that morning. No comments, no critiques. This writing practice is from Natalie Goldberg’s “A Wild Mind” and Judy Reeves of San Diego Writers Ink. It has been in practice for over 25 years ago. And our group is celebrating 3 years of writing practice at Hera Hub this July.

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