You may write the worst junk in America

When I first started writing practice several years ago, I loved that one of the (no) rules for writing is “You are free to write the worst junk in America.” and it follows with, “some days you will and some days you’ll write something really wonderful and some days you’ll just write.”  The first part of the rule is from Natalie Goldberg’s “The Wild Mind” the second part was added on by San Diegan writing practitioners. This (no) rule is a wise one especially for someone like me who doesn’t want to mess around with revisions, or playing around. I don’t know why but sojust writemetimes, I imagine Balzac writing in his bed. I visited his house, Château de Saché years ago. I remember that I rode a bicycle there, a fold up one that François, my boyfriend then had lent me for the fifteen mile trip. There I stood in front of Balzac’s writing bed, my legs shaking from the ride and pictured him in it, writing furiously. Not every word was perfect or golden, because there were drafts of his work  on display where he crossed out sentences and rewrote them. What I can never get used to is how writing is thinking. That I figure out what I have to say as I write. And that’s why I just write. And that’s why I keep Write REAL Early going every week, so that others who don’t have a writing bed like Balzac did can have a place once a week to write for an hour, maybe it’ll be the worst junk in America or France, or maybe we’ll all just write.

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