Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 5.33.16 PMI began writing practice on 2/13/13 with Wake Up and Write! I wrote in my journal, “Wednesday. I am going to “Wake up and Write” this morning. My only problem is that I’m not really awake. I need to allow twenty minutes to get down there and park. I need to gather my stuff. I need to either take the dogs to the corner, OR ask Rose to do it. I’m dressed but I don’t know if I need a sweater.” Somehow I made it and Elle Brooks with her big Canadian smile and dark rimmed glasses greeted me, “I’m so glad you joined us.” A small group, maybe six people. I was nervous. No, I was scared that I’d break down crying or spontaneously combust, to my surprise I didn’t. And I don’t recall what I wrote that day during writing practice I can’t find it.

I skipped the next week because Elle wasn’t going to be there with her Elizabeth II coronation tin filled with fresh baked cookies. I returned on February 27th thinking I’d go a few times – now it’s approaching 100 times. Now I’m even leading the group!  I keep coming because I like how there’s no expectation to perform a certain way. Maybe because it’s too early in the morning for my inner critic to start bugging me, but mostly I think it’s because of rule #6 from the rules for writing.

 #6 You are free to write the worst junk in America. Some days you will. Some days you’ll write something really wonderful and some days you’ll just write. And I do I write crap, awesome stuff, and  average stuff. I just write, I don’t think. It’s helped me to not only write better but to feel whole.

Now morning practice is called “Write REAL Early.” We go on with vigor after our friend and leader, Elle and her husband Stanley left in March for a better opportunity in Nebraska. Then in August Rachel Moore handed me the torch since her scheduled went from one job to four.

I invite you to be part of our weekly practice.  We meet Wednesdays from 7-8am in Mission Valley at Hera Hub 8885 Rio San Diego Dr. There’s parking, fresh coffee and hot water for tea all for just $5 per week. It really couldn’t be easier. Just say yes…

P.S. Rachel let me know she’s doing well and keeping busy earning hours through her three therapist internships, including at The Elizabeth Hospice in Escondido and a private practice in Banker’s Hill.  She misses all of her early morning writing friends and in her not so spare time published a diary-style story in the U-T about her time as a chorus member for “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” at La Jolla Playhouse. 

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