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I founded Creativity Native to help people, small businesses and non-profits grow by telling their stories to attract investors, donors, employees and volunteers. San Diego is a beautiful city; it’s the Finest City in America. We like any city have challenges and issues yet so much potential for growth! By sharing our well told stories – we can engage and connect with the people who believe in what we are doing and are willing to commit with us to work towards positive change.

I’ve spent a lot of time learning the art of storytelling in business. I remember the first time I had to do it ‘for real’ was when I joined a job search strategy group and the first session was, “The two minute pitch.” I was terrified. What did I have to offer? I just finished an MBA in Finance at Fordham University and worked at a hedge fund that managed $100 million. What did I have to offer? A lot but I didn’t know it, until I started to practice and share my story.

My hand shook as I wrote my two-minute pitch and I may even have shed tears as I practiced it for the first time in front of the mirror. Who did I think I was trying to get a different, higher paying job, that I liked? In my pitch, which is long forgotten, I knew I wasn’t making anything up, I was just pointing out the good things. After twelve-weeks of practicing and pitching at meetings and interviews and many different firms I landed a very good position as a high yield bond investment analyst at a well-regarded firm managing $3 billion dollars. There I mastered the art of business storytelling through practice and listening to some of the World’s best CEOs and Financial Heavyweights get investors attention and investment dollars.

I left the investment asset management world a few years ago. And it is a very different economic climate than when I started there. Most of us don’t hold J-O-B-S – we have become our own businesses – we are quilting together different small businesses to make a living. And in the non-profit world; competition for funding has increased exponentially. We continually campaign to be ‘re-elected’ by clients and funders always justifying why we are needed and answering these questions: Am I able to do what you are hiring me for? Do I want to do what you are hiring me for?

Creativity Native is dedicated to creating an everyday, forward-thinking, fully participating San Diego Economic Region. We can help you by making sure your business or non-profit story is connecting and engaging your audience. So if you’re nervous or just a little lost on what your business or non-profit story is – please check out the services we offer. And we can certainly get to know each other if you come to one of our meet-ups; follow our blog, or other social media.


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