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    Write REAL Early

    Our group meets each Wednesday from 7-8 am for writing practice.

    No experience necessary. The only requirement is that you’re 18 years of age and have a willingness to write according to the (no) rules for writing and to listen to other’s writing. Give yourself the gift of claiming your voice and sharing your story in a supportive environment.

    Hera Hub 8885 Rio San Diego Dr., San Diego CA 92108

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A Creativity Native:

  • Believes that creativity is storytelling and it connects and engages us with others
  • Accepts that all creativity requires practicing nameable behaviors
  • Commits to the struggle of advancing a vision by seeking help via partners
  • Dares to suck big time and try again
  • Is firm but kind toward self and others, especially during the creative process


“LOVED the Real Feedback session/workshop

As a new business owner, I’d written an intro for a creativity workshop and I went to REAL Feedback looking for honest feedback from an objective standpoint.

All of my concerns of harsh criticism, rejection or terrible – unhelpful feedback were put to rest when Liz reviewed the process and concluded with “Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean.” Voila! I was ok and I found the entire process to be helpful, useful, and supportive. Thank you, Liz!”

Romy Taylor, www.embellishingsisters.com

One of the reasons that I enjoy Write REAL Early, has to do with the inspiration that I get from the prompts that Liz Lemesevski and guest hosts give at the beginning of each session.  Another is the structure that shows me direction as I allow words, thoughts and feelings to pour out.  I have become a regular, most every Wednesday morning, in part for the community and hearing other people’s stories and most of all for the mystery of, “What will I write this morning?”  I highly recommend you get up and join us at Write REAL Early

Gwen Lepard, Anxiety Relief Specialist www.joycenteredlife.com

Write REAL Early feels like home. Liz Lemesevski always has just the right prompt to stimulate my thoughts into the unknown element each Wednesday morning. And the openness of Hera Hub allows me to express what ever comes into my head.  I recommend this group to anyone that has a story inside them and wants to write it on paper, or type it, or shout it out to the world, or just sit quietly and scribble a few words, then later meditate on them, at your own pace.

Ty Piz, motorcycle enthusiast and former professional racer